Family tree Du Bois in Leiden

(dec 2014) Naar MIJN STAMBOMEN




La Bassée, where the Du Bois lived.


I.1        Antoine Du Bois.

Married to Anne Cousin.

From this marriage:

1.         Chretien Du Bois (see also II.1).

2.         Jean Du Bois, born ca 1599.

3.         Ferry Du Bois (see also II.4).

4.         Jacques Du Bois.

5.         Francois Du Bois (see also II.7).

6.         Laurent Du Bois.

7.         Isabeau Du Bois.

Married to Jacques Laignel.


II.1       Chretien Du Bois, born ca 1597.

Married to Francoise Le Poivre.

From this marriage:

1.         Francoise Du Bois (see also III.2).

2.         Jacques Du Bois (see also III.3).

3.         Louis Du Bois (see also III.5).


II.4       Ferry Du Bois, born ca 1601.

Married to Laurentia Apourceau, born ca 1612, daughter of Henri Appourcheaux and Marquerite Derocq.

From this marriage:

1.         Anna Du Bois (De Boo) (see also III.8).

2.         Albert Du Bois (Van den Bosch) (see also III.9).

3.         Jacquelijne Du Bois (see also III.12).

4.         Philippe Du Bois (see also III.13).


II.7       Francois Du Bois.

Married (1) on 05‑12‑1634 to Jenne Le Blon.

Married (2) ca 1640 to Maria Brunel.

From the first marriage:

1.         Anne Du Bois, born 1635.

2.         Francois Du Bois, born 1639.

From the second marriage:

3.         Jean Baptiste Du Bois, born 1643, christened on 18‑08‑1643 in Lille.

4.         Jaspar Du Bois, born ca 1645.


This is the document which proves that Jacq Billiou is the father of Pierre Billiou

Pieter Biljouw, grofgrijnwerker, jongeman van bij Rijsel (=Lille) wonend op de Beestemarkt, geassisteerd met Jeacq Biljouw zijn vader

(Pieter Biljouw, coarse grain worker, young man from near Rijsel, living at the Beestenmarkt (cattle market) witnessed by Jaecq Biljouw, his father)


III.2      Francoise Du Bois, born ca 1622 in bij Rijsel.

Publication of the banns on 09‑04‑1649 in Leiden (witness(es): zijn vader Jacq Biljouw en haar bekende Lijsbeth Floris), married on 20‑04‑1649 in Leiden to Pieter Billiou (Biljouw), born ca 1628 in bij Rijsel, son of Jacques Billiou. (And NOT THOMAS! )

From this marriage:

1.      Marie Billiou, born on 03‑03‑1650 in Leiden, christened (w) on 06‑03‑1650 in Leiden (witness(es): Chrestienne Rousse en Catherine le Bateur).

She came with her parents on the ship St. Jan Baptiste, embarking May 9, 1661 and landing in New Amsterdam Aug 6, 1661.

Married at the age of 20 on 03‑06‑1670 in New York to Arend Jans Praal, born ca 1645 in Naarden, died 1731 in New York, son of Jan Praal.

2.         Marthe Billiou, born 1652, christened (w) on 08‑02‑1652 in Leiden (witness(es): Anne Boquet, Albert du Bois, Noe Martin en Anne Odenne).

Married to Thomas Stilwell.

3.         Catherine Billiou, born ca 1654.

Married to Catherine Curtis.

4.         Francoise Billiou, born 1655.

5.         Chretienne Billiou (see also IV.9).

6.         Isaac Billiou, born ca 1661 in op zee.

Married 1684 to Ida Sueberingh.

7.         Jacob Billiou, born 1663.

8.         Peter Billiou, born 1668.



Waalse kerk in Leiden


III.3      Jacques Du Bois, born ca 1628 in bij Basse.

Publication of the banns on 06‑04‑1663 in Leiden (witness(es): his cousin Philippe du Bois en her sister Marij Bentijn), married on 25‑04‑1663 in Leiden to Pieronne Bentijn, born ca 1640 in bij Rijsel, daughter of Bentijn.

From this marriage:

1.         Marie Du Bois, born 1664, christened (w) on 02‑04‑1664 in Leiden (witness(es): Philippe du Bois en Marie du Rieu).

2.         Jacques Du Bois, born 1665, christened (w) on 29‑03‑1665 in Leiden (witness(es): Piere Empise en Marie Benten).

3.         Marie Du Bois, born 1666, christened (w) on 06‑10‑1666 in Leiden (witness(es): Cornille de Bré en Anne del Voije).

4.         Jean Du Bois, born 1667, christened (w) on 30‑10‑1667 in Leiden (witness(es): Jaqueline du Bois en Adrien de le Croix).

5.         Anne Du Bois, born 1669, christened on 11‑08‑1669 in Leiden (witness(es): Elizabeth de le Voij en Jean de le Voij).

6.         Jehan Du Bois, born on 25‑07‑1671 in Leiden, christened (w) on 26‑07‑1671 in Leiden (witness(es): Arnould Honoré en Anne le Pere).

7.         Pierre Du Bois, born on 17‑03‑1674 in Leiden, christened (w) on 18‑03‑1674 in Leiden (witness(es): Louis du Bois en Jehanne Niset), died 1737 in New York.

Married at the age of 23 on 12‑10‑1697 to Jannetje Burhas.


Proclamation of the marriage between jacques du Bois and Pirone Bentijn in Leiden


III.5      Louis Du Bois. A Louis was witness in Leiden in 1674.

Married on 10‑10‑1655 in Mannheim to Catherine Blanchan, daughter of Mathieu Blanchan and Magdalena Jorre.

From this marriage:

1.         Abraham Du Bois, born 1656, christened on 29‑09‑1656 in Mannheim.

2.         Abraham Du Bois, born 1657, christened on 26‑12‑1657 in Mannheim.

3.         Isaac Du Bois, born 1659, christened on 07‑06‑1659 in Mannheim.


III.8      Anna Du Bois (De Boo), born ca 1630 in bij Rijsel.

Publication of the banns on 27‑01‑1651 in Leiden (witness(es): his brother in law Jan Fevere en her aunt Anthonette Pourcheau), married 1651 to Jan Berlingien (Berlijngie), born ca 1630 in Artois, son of Berlinge.

From this marriage:

1.         Joseph Berlingien, born 1651, christened (w) on 15‑10‑1651 in Leiden (witness(es): Jenne Berlingien en Jacqueline du Boijs).

2.         Benjamin Berlingien, born 1654, christened (w) on 30‑08‑1654 in Leiden (witness(es): Thomas Berlinguien).

3.         Benjamin Berlingien, born 1656, christened (w) on 22‑11‑1656 in Leiden (witness(es): Philippe du Bois en Anne Clarbau).

4.         Jean Berlingien, born 1659, christened (w) on 19‑10‑1659 in Leiden (witness(es): Sara Catoir).


III.9      Albert Du Bois (Van den Bosch), born ca 1632 in bij Basse.

Publication of the banns on 10‑01‑1653 in Leiden (witness(es): zijn grandfather Herry a Pourcheau en haar cousin Hester Jans), married 1653 to Anna Clarebout, born ca 1631 in Cales, daughter of Clarebout.

From this marriage:

1.         Moijse Du Bois, born 1653, christened (w) on 03‑12‑1653 in Leiden (witness(es): Maria Clarbaux, Anne du Bois, Nicolas Pocq en Henri Apouricaux).

2.         Moijse Du Bois, born 1655, christened (w) on 22‑08‑1655 in Leiden (witness(es): Anthonette Apourceau, Philippe Apourceau).

3.         Anne Du Bois, born 1656, christened (w) on 25‑12‑1656 in Leiden (witness(es): Catherine Apourceaux, Philippe du Bois en Jean Berlinguien).

4.         Aaron Du Bois, born 1658, christened (w) on 17‑11‑1658 in Leiden (witness(es): Sara Catoire, Juon Empis, Elisabeth de Lannoij en Isaac Clairbout).

5.         Marie Du Bois, born 1661, christened (w) on 30‑01‑1661 in Leiden (witness(es): Jaques du Bois, Pieronne Empis, Louise du Quesnoij).


III.12    Jacquelijne Du Bois, born ca 1640 in bij Basse.

Publication of the banns on 12‑01‑1661 in Leiden (witness(es): his uncle Jacques Vermout en her aunt Catharijna Apourcheau), married 1661 to Arnout Honoré (Horonee).

From this marriage:

1.         Arnou Honoré, born 1661, christened (waals) on 23‑10‑1661 in Leiden (witness(es): Albert du Bois).

2.         Jean Honoré (Johannes) (see also IV.35).

3.         Sara Honoré, born 1668, christened (waals) on 18‑03‑1668 in Leiden (witness(es): Philippe Apourceau).

4.         Pierre Honoré, born 1672, christened (waals) on 21‑02‑1672 in Leiden (witness(es): Jacques du Bois).


III.13    Philippe Du Bois, born ca 1640 in bij Basse.

Publication of the banns on 26‑08‑1661 in Leiden (witness(es): his brother Aelbertus du Bois en her sister Lijsbeth Durij), married 1661 to Marij Du Rieu (Durij), born ca 1640.

From this marriage:

1.         Marie Du Bois, born 1662, christened (w) on 08‑11‑1662 in Leiden (witness(es): Henri Apourceau, Abraham du Rieu, Jacqueline du Bois en Elisabeth du Rieu).

2.         Abraham Du Bois, born 1663, christened on 08‑11‑1663 in Leiden (witness(es): Jacques du Bois en Pieronne Bentain).

3.         Sara Du Bois, born 1665, christened on 11‑02‑1665 in Leiden (witness(es): Arnou Honoré en Christienne Courtain).

4.         Marie Du Bois, born 1667, christened on 23‑02‑1667 in Leiden (witness(es): Jehan Rose en Marquerite Bodar).


Proclamation of the marriage between Philippe du Bois (from Bassé) and Marie durij (du Rieu) from Leiden.



IV.9     Chretienne Billiou, born 1659.

Married to Abraham Marlet.

From this marriage:

1.         Abraham Marlet, born 1680.


IV.35    Jean Honoré (Johannes), born 1664 in Leiden, christened (waals) on 27‑04‑1664 in Leiden (witness(es): Philippe du Bois en Sara Cattoir).

Publication of the banns on 15‑09‑1691 in Leiden (witness(es): his father Aernout Honore en her mother Jannetje Albertijn), married 1691 to Jannetje Francken, daughter of Herrij Francken (Francq) and Jenne Albertijn.

From this marriage:

1.         Jean Honoré, born on 07‑11‑1691 in Leiden, christened (w) on 08‑11‑1691 in Leiden.

2.         Ernou Honoré, born on 14‑12‑1692 in Leiden, christened (w) on 20‑12‑1692 in Leiden.

3.         Ernou Honoré, born on 02‑09‑1694 in Leiden, christened (w) on 05‑09‑1694 in Leiden.

4.         Marie Honoré, born on 16‑11‑1696 in Leiden, christened (w) on 17‑11‑1696 in Leiden.