Visit Leiden

(okt 09) Naar MIJN STAMBOMEN


When you are in the Netherlands, you will of course visit Amsterdam. But you should come to Leiden to, especially when your ancestours are from this town.

Leiden is just half an hour by train from Amsterdam.

You can visit the genealogy archive, and the Pilgrim archives next door.

Beware, the archive is open all through the week, and in the weekend only on Saturday morning!
Next to the archive is a little restaurant where you can have something to eat.

There are lots of great things to visit in Leiden.

You have the ancient Burcht, the wonderful Pieterskerk, the most beautiful canal of the Netherlands: Rapenburg and you can visit the almshouses, the street where Rembrandt van Rijn was born, the grave of the mother of Vincent van Gogh, and the Pilgrim museum, where you can actually see how they lived so many years ago.