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On this site you can find a lot of information about the Dutch town Leiden. The emphasis is on the baptisms before 1812.
But some family trees grow because of the additions of others.
When you are searching for a name, consider that the K and C are often used for each other, the same goes for the S and Z.
The language is mostly Dutch, but you can use google translate or ask me for help.
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Baptisms in Leiden

Trees in Leiden (reconstructed families)

French Origine (origine francais)

Leidenaars from St Amand

Leidenaars from Amiens

Leidenaars from Bondues

Leidenaars from Valenciennes

Leidenaars from Tourcoing

Leidenaars from Rijsel, Lille

Leidenaars from Hontschoten Hondschoote

Leidenaars from Artois (gebied bij Rijsel en Arras)

Tree of family Rembrandt van Rijn

The ancestors of Bush and Obama

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Bibliotheque Wallon

Around Leiden

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